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Our Drive Alive range consists of:

• 3in1 Wood Treatment - easy to use micro emulsion wood preserver
which not only kills woodworm but prevents re-infestation and protects against wood rot.

• Coloured Wood Preserver - specially formulated fungicide for use against types of fungi which rot and stain
outdoor timber such as sheds, fences, trellis etc. Available in Dark Brown, Light Brown and Green.

Decking Cleaner - fast acting formulation to revive weathered hard and softwood decking.


• Decking Oil - ready to use oil designed to nourish wood and restore the natural oils
which are lost through weathering. This oil also provides a barrier against water penetration.


• Patio Seal - premium grade sealer for blocks, patios and sand joints.


• Indian Stone Sealer - solvent-free advanced polymer to protect high quality
natural stone against water and oil penetration.

• Colour Enhancer - designed to enhance coloured concrete, block paving and roof tiles whilst protecting
against spillages etc. Available in Brindle, Buff, Red and Charcoal.


• Wide Gap Joint Fill - single component joint filling system for rapid pointing of paved areas
with a joint of over 5mm wide and 25mm deep. Available in Buff, Grey and Black.


• Pot Hole Repairer - a cold lay, instant surface repair for roads, pavements and car parks.

• Oil Stain Remover - removes unsightly oil and grease stains from tarmac and concrete.
This product is biodegradable and VOC-free.

• Organic Cleaner - powerful cleaning agent to remove all types of mould, algae and lichen.

• Tarmac Restorer - ready to use, water based black coating for tarmac drives and pathways.
Restores colour, reduces water penetration and protects from build up of dirt and grime.

• Clear Coat Block Sealer - solvent-free clear sealant for block paving, paths and driveways.


For more details simply click below to view or download the PDF leaflet.

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