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Available in both Original and All Weather formulations, Geo-Fix® is the leading brand of paving jointing compounds, ideal for all gaps over 5mm in width and over 15mm in depth.


Ready mixed and simple to apply, Geo-Fix® is far more convenient to use than
traditional mortar and is easily finished with a pointing tool, leaving you with a professional
joint which is completely resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, will not crack
and will not pop out with frost.

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Geo-Fix® Original is for use in dry conditions only
and is available in two colours: Buff and Grey.


Geo-Fix® All Weather can be used in both wet and dry conditions
and is available in five colours: Anthracite, Graphite, Mid Grey, Slate Grey and Stone.


Whichever formula you choose, the end result is a solid fill which resists weed growth
and yet is water permeable, allowing drainage and preventing pooling.

Click here to visit our video page and see the product in use.

Click an image below to view or download either the Technical Data Sheet or the introductory leaflet for both formulations.

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