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Sealants are typically produced using one of two base materials – silicone or polyurethane.

There are advantages (and disadvantages) to both, leaving room for a fix-all solution for most requirements and that is where a hybrid sealant comes into it's own: it combines the benefits of both silicone and polyurethane into one product.


These ‘best of both worlds’ products offer excellent adhesion to a huge array of materials. They also tend to cure quicker than conventional sealants, they are over paintable and they generally do not bleed into or stain porous substrates. They are also less prone to picking up dirt as a skin forms quickly. They exhibit a high level of elastic recovery, good tensile strength, strong movement capabilities and can be applied in cold weather.

The main key features are summarised here.

• Enhanced weather resistance and durability:
so no cracking, splitting, discolouration or adhesion failure.


• Stain resistance: these products do not stain or bleed,
making them ideal for porous surfaces.

• Paintability: hybrids can be over painted unlike traditional silicones
with water based paints.


• Excellent adhesion: they stick to various substrates including metals,
plastics, wood and ceramics.


• Rapid cure rate: hybrids tool and cure quicker than traditional products.

Currently, Bond It offer five hybrid sealants as part of our PRO Range:
Gripbond Pro, Gripbond Pro Max, Wood Pro, Mirror Pro and Astro Pro.

The leaflet shown below explains the properties of each of these products.

Simply click the image to view or download the PDF.

Pro Range Lflt.png
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