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Overgate Hospice is Bond It’s chosen charity. Located close to our head office and main manufacturing site in Elland, West Yorkshire, it provides specialist palliative care to adults suffering from progressive, life-limiting illnesses as well as support to their families. 


To ensure the care if offers is as widely accessible as possible, the hospice delivers its service free of charge. It is only partly funded by the Government and the NHS and so relies on the generosity of the local community to cover the bulk of its running costs.


Our support of this important charity has taken many forms from sponsored activities and events to corporate donations. Visit their website here.

Laund Hill Logo.png

Huddersfield Laund Hill Community Club hosts a wide range of activities for local residents including childcare, health and wellbeing programmes, and team sports including football and rugby on its grass and 3G pitches. Bond It has been a sponsor of the rugby union section of Laund Hill since 2021. Almost 600 people are actively involved with this part of the Club, of which 400 are youth or junior members. There is also a thriving ladies’ squad. 


To date, our support, which has focused on colt teams, has helped to create enjoyment and opportunities for dozens of young adults. Visit their website here.


Elland Junior Football Club brings together nearly 50 children from the town of Elland and the surrounding area who all share a passion for football as well as a love of being active and outdoors.
Thanks to the efforts of numerous volunteer coaches and supportive parents, not to mention the dedication and commitment of the children themselves, the Club’s various teams train twice a week and typically play weekly matches in a district league. They also take part in tournaments and friendlies with other nearby teams.


Bond It is the kit sponsor for the Club’s U13 team. Visit their website here.

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