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A Lasting Bond

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Industrial Process News is proud to announce that Bond It Group has been selected as our Chemical Building Manufacturer Company of the Month.

In 2002, Seal It Services Ltd formed as a partnership between David Moore and Laydex to purchase the assets of Bond It. Since then, the company has seen on average, year on year double digit growth. Seven years ago, Laydex sold its shares to Astral Ltd making Seal It Services a multi-national group. Seal It Services Inc formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bond It UK in 2017.

As one of the leading suppliers of high-performance building chemicals and sealants to the trade industry, Bond It Group offers an impressive range of over 600 product lines. All of which is manufactured in the UK and in the USA. The company’s UK manufacturing facility is based in Elland, West Yorkshire while the USA branch resides in Sandford, North Carolina.

Bond It Group manufacture products for the building and construction industry and offer a diverse product portfolio. We had the chance to speak with Bond It Group CEO, David Moore who explained, “We supply an array of markets and trades and our expertise cover both the public and the private sector across the spectrum of building markets including commercial, industrial, leisure, residential, educational and health.”

Whether it be a specific architectural project or working with the local authorities, Bond It Group is well-equipped to assist, and manufactures its own-brand products. Quality is continually optimised, supported by its global brand presence by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. “We never compromise on quality.” States David.

“Bond It Group identify as manufacturers of building chemicals and our product range has grown over time. We now encompass a multitude of products from construction adhesives to waterproofing compounds and landscaping. We are synonymous with quality and have recognised brand names such as Gripbond, Rescue Tape, Mega Foam, Pro range, Glue Monsters and Superheros, to name a few.” Said David.

As all its products are made in the UK, stock availability is good, and its products can always be sold at competitive prices. As Bond It Group look ahead, it seems evident that there is a growing market in Hybrid Technology. A benefit of hybrids is they are free from solvents, isocyanates and silicones and is therefore non-hazardous and safe. “With hybrid products, new applications can be replicated on building sites. The launch of EasiSeal was a revolutionary step for us into the roofing sector. Off this success, we then developed the new Seal It One Coat Roof Seal which we launched in 2019.” Mentions David.

Noticing evolving concerns within the industry, Bond It Group provides a greater understanding of environmental issues and current legislation influences. From product development to recycling within the manufacturing processes; reducing carbon footprint is paramount.

With its dominating global presence, the company has now successfully launched the Bond It Group brand in North America. As for the future, it will continue to develop its manufacturing capacity both in the UK and the USA. It will look to introduce at least one new product to its range each quarter as David mentions, “We believe we are well placed within the industry to further build upon and strengthen our partnership with our existing customer base, as we look to continually promote our British products in worldwide markets.”

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