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Braving The Storms

With Winter fast approaching the weather has undoubtedly already taken a turn for the worse. After basking in days of sunshine we are now heading for wet and rainy days as the British weather sets in, and issues will, no doubt, start to arise with poorly maintained roofs.

Weather conditions can be harsh on exterior structures, and changes from hot to cold temperatures make their mark on coatings and coverings exposed to the climates and UV radiation throughout the year. Cracking, peeling, blistering, thermal stress, surface erosion of protective roofing membranes are all common problems related to weathering which ultimately results in installation failures and subsequent expensive leaks and structural damages to repair or put right.

Ideally it is best to prevent these problems arising by first considering the design of the roof and choice of materials. The roof membrane or compounds chosen should reflect the characteristics and purpose of the building and ultimately avoid the roof to fail prematurely through wrongly specified products.

Using materials that are not intended for application on specific roof types can also result in permanent damage to the roof. In fact, you can make a small problem worse through an improper repair with the wrong choice of product.

At Bond It, we have tried to make choosing the right product a simple process. We offer a wide range of roofing products to cover all aspects of roofing from combating leaks to improving efficiency. Under our Bitubond brand we have put together everything you need as a Professional Roofer for new build and maintenance projects which provide immediate and safe waterproofing solutions. Products that have been designed and manufactured for the job in hand.

Available in an array of sizes the Roofing portfolio encompasses waterproofing compounds, high performance solar reflective solutions, all weather roof compounds, primers, felt adhesive, self-adhesive flashing tapes, DPC, chipping solution, and tanking membranes. All high quality, UK manufactured products with tried and tested formulations that have been used in the industry for nearly 2 decades. All ready to use from the tins and requiring no heavy heating equipment to apply, the range is simple but effective.

In addition to the bitumen products, Sealacryl, our fibre-reinforced acrylic waterproofing roof

coating, is designed to prevent the ingress of water. For renovation of all types of roof structure it provides instant waterproof protection of flat and pitched roofs. Available in 3 colours, it bridges small gaps and cracks, has superb solar reflectivity, and remains fully flexible. Primerless adhesion for the repair and refurbishment of industrial and domestic roofs. It can also be applied in wet conditions so it doesn’t mean rain stops play!

Patination Oil is also one of our roofing stable mates. A white spirit based liquid that can be used to coat newly laid or cleaned lead. A layer of oil helps protect the lead from the elements and prevents carbonate formation (white staining) on the surface and surrounding brickwork. Once treated it leaves the newly laid lead with a professional, clean, metallic finish. Used in conjunction with our Flash-Mate Lead Sealant we’ve got it covered from all angles!

Continuous research and development enables us to extend the diverse portfolio of products manufactured at our West Yorkshire base. As on going development identifies new and improved formulations we have also now launched the next generation 100% waterproofing barrier. Seal It Liquid Membrane one coat roof seal is an easy to apply barrier offering a modern alternative to traditional GRP, PU, and bitumen roof coatings. Highly reflective, solvent-free and non-flammable it is formulated for professional roofing installations without the need for special application training. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with a primer, reinforcement mat and edging and trimming sealer in more demanding situations. Altogether the system delivers a high performance, watertight, and extremely durable barrier coating for all existing roof substrates which is guaranteed for 25 years.

Creating an impermeable seal to repel water damage and provide resistance to degradation from natural weathering like rain, snow and sunlight. This product remains permanently flexible once cured and will not harden or soften even under extremes of weather, temperature, UV radiation and external chemical attack and will not crack or tear through thermal expansion of the structure it is covering. It also has excellent resistance to ageing, ultra-violet attack and discolouration. Supplied in 5 and 20L tins and available in grey and white.

Launching this month, we have developed Seal It Accelerator which means roofing work can still carry on even when the weather is against you. A gel-like additive, that once mixed with the Seal It Liquid Membrane, accelerates the curing process allowing for installations to be carried out at temperatures below 5 degrees C and permits work to be performed down to an impressive minus 20 degrees C. The gel is simply added into the membrane and, once mixed, helps to facilitate full cure at normal speed, on average 1mm per 24hrs. Supplied in 1L plastic bottles for easy dosing, the additive requires no special applicators. This is a simple system in every way that is a cost-effective alternative to traditional roof coverings.

For more information contact our Sales Team on 01422 315300.

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