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Celebrating Hannah Kirk's Success and Bond It's Commitment to Employee Growth

At Bond It, we don't just manufacture high-quality sealants and adhesives; we also take pride in nurturing the growth and development of our dedicated team members. Today, we are thrilled to share the remarkable journey of Hannah Kirk, who joined Bond It as an Accounts Apprentice seven years ago and has recently achieved a significant milestone in her career.

Bond It success

Hannah's journey at Bond It began in August 2016. Her initial responsibilities included tasks like filing paperwork and franking letters for our UK branch. Over the years, she continued to build her expertise, and her commitment to self-improvement led her to pursue the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualifications. Fast forward to today, and Hannah's role has evolved significantly. She now collaborates closely with our US team, assisting in the production of US Management Accounts and contributing to the production of the UK's Management Accounts and Consolidated Financial Accounts. Her incredible journey is a testament to her dedication and the opportunities at Bond It for those who strive for excellence.

We are incredibly proud to announce that Hannah is currently working towards obtaining her ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification. This qualification will elevate her status to a Chartered Accountant, a remarkable accomplishment in finance.

Hannah recently passed the 'Financial Reporting' exam, which is a challenging milestone for any aspiring accountant. With only 47% of test-takers successfully passing this rigorous examination, Hannah's achievement is all the more impressive. She's well on her way to obtaining her ACCA qualification

Hannah's success story reflects the dedication and hard work she has invested in her professional journey, but it also highlights the support and encouragement that she has received from her colleagues at Bond It. Over the past seven years, she has experienced numerous personal milestones, from obtaining her driver's license and purchasing her first car to moving into her first house with her partner and even welcoming her first cat! Hannah's career and personal life have grown in parallel with the unwavering backing of her team and our entire organization.

Her favourite thing about working at Bond It? Well, it might be the coffee machine (we do have some excellent coffee, after all), but her genuine favourite is the incredible support she's received from Bond It colleagues. Whether it's personal achievements or professional milestones, our team has been there every step of the way, and we couldn't be prouder of the bond that we share.

Hannah Kirk's journey at Bond It is a shining example of the opportunities and support we offer to our team members. We celebrate her success and look forward to her continued growth as she progresses towards her ACCA qualification.

“You worked so hard to achieve this, and we are very proud of you” - Joanna O'Reilly, Head of Finance.

Congratulations, Hannah! Your achievements inspire us all.

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