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Frosty Outlook?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

With the cold months fast approaching we are pleased to introduce 2 new super useful products to ensure safer driving throughout the winter months.

Our Screen Wash and De-Icer products, launched this month, means you can say goodbye to frozen or grimy windscreens.

CONCENTRATED SCREEN WASH In winter conditions, this non-smear formulation will help prevent water jets from freezing and is effective down to -15 degrees when used neat. Even in warmer temperatures this formulation is much more effective than plain water as it contains chemicals which prevent stagnation and slow bacterial and fungal development in the wash reservoir and pipes. Available in 5L.

DE-ICER This easy to use spray quickly clears frost and ice from vehicle windows and prevents refreezing right down to -15 degrees, so no more driving with that tiny porthole to see through (which is illegal by the way). Spray the whole screen with this non-smear formulation and you'll have clear vision in no time. Available as 750ml spray.


Code: BDWSW5, Colour: Pink, Size: 5L, Box: 4

DE-ICER Code: BDDI750, Colour: Blue, Size: 750ml, Box: 15

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