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Flawless Flooring

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

New from Bond It LevelMaster Rapid Level 30 - One Part, Rapid Setting Flexible, Latex Floor Levelling Compound. Conforms to EN13813 CT-C23-F6.

A new addition to the LevelMaster flooring compounds range, this is an interior and exterior grade, protein-free, flexible, latex modified, cementitious floor levelling compound. Suitable for use at thicknesses from 3mm to 50mm (up to 60mm with added aggregate) with the added benefit of accelerated curing time.


· Sets in 30 minutes.

· Flexible.

· Suitable for application up to 50mm in one layer.

· Suitable for both internal and external use prior to the application of tiles.

· Single pack - no latex additives required; preblended, requiring only addition of water.

· Low odour formulation, can be used in sensitive installations.

· Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Rapid Level 30 is an ideal underlay for levelling most common sub-floors prior to the installation of floor coverings such as ceramic floor tiles, carpet, vinyl and wood flooring (minimum levelling thickness 5mm). Suitable for use with underfloor heating. It also contains powdered latex eliminating the need for separate expensive latex liquids.

Available in a 20Kg sack, download our TDS from the website for more information.

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