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The Future is Hybrid

Brand new one part, high quality, low modulus sealing materials based on advanced hybrid polymer technology.


The safer alternative to silicone based roofing products. Forms a tough, flexible seal which will reduce weather ingression, tile lift and noise. It is perfect for use on roofs, flashing, soffits and guttering. Works with lead, aluminium, copper, uPVC, steel, timber, industrial roofing panels, slate, tiles, bitumen (if primed first), acrylic, glass, GRP and polycarbonate glazing. Also ideal for sub-roof ducting, sealing roof lights, mechanical fasteners and cladding and solar energy systems.

Lead Pro is available as an EU3 cartridge in grey only.

LMH25: LOW MOD, HYBRID CONSTRUCTION SEALANT & ADHESIVE Flexible sealant that is ideal for use on both internal and external window and door frames. You can also use it to seal expansion and connection joints between most common substrates without using a primer. Available in either EU3 or EU4 sizes in white only.

Benefits of Hybrids:

▪ Solvent-free and low odour ▪ Easy to tool and finish ▪ Overpaintable with water-based paints ▪ UV resistant ▪ Quick curing ▪ No Isocyanates, silicone or phthalates ▪ Excellent adhesion, even in the wet

▪ Shore Hardness A: 25 ▪ EC1+ Certified, very low omissions ▪ CE Approved to EN15651-1


Shouldn't you be switching to a safer option?

In stock now in Builders Merchants Nationwide.

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