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Kleen (and Safe)

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

As part of our ongoing policy to improve and enhance safe working practices at Bond It, we have engaged the services of Safety Kleen, the UK’s leading provider of component cleaning and waste management solutions.

Initially we made contact to try out their isolated spray booth (pictured above with Jade Bernard and Daniel Brown from Safety Kleen) which allows an operator to clean machine parts with no danger of splashing chemicals or flying debris: the whole operation is contained within a closed booth with access via heavy duty rubber gloves. However, whilst the booth is on trial, our first major project with them is to help us move away from the use of Petrosol and BAS 60 as solvent cleaning agents in our Compounding Department. These agents are not only hazardous to both the operator and the environment but are also messy and difficult to dispose of responsibly after use, so we needed an alternative which would get the job done effectively and safely.

Their answer was to supply us with their natural, coconut-based solvent which comes as part of a package which includes machine servicing, staff training and waste collection and removal: a truly professional solution to the problems we have had. Their solvent even cuts down on the amount of PPE our operators need to wear when dealing with it, it’s that much safer. The waste material they remove will even be recycled at a rate of over 50% at their plant in Dinnington near Sheffield.

Safety Kleen arrived with a hands-on team to deliver the first batch of solvent and to check that our pot cleaner was ready to go, and they immediately made the suggestion that we install a LOTO (lock out, tag out) system to ensure the safety of operators during service and maintenance of our machine. This is music to our ears and illustrates the direction we want to move in: a great job done safely, efficiently and economically.

We feel Safety Kleen and Bond It will make a great team, watch their company video here:

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