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Lockdown DIY List:

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Don't let the latest lockdown bring on the blues. There are plenty of simple jobs about the home that you can while away the hours completing, which will earn you super brownie points!

Seal The Deal

Over time, even the best quality silicone can become discoloured or blackened by mould build-up. Give your bathrooms and kitchen a bit of a spruce by resealing your fixtures and worktops. In areas with a high moisture level, such as bathrooms, wet rooms and around your kitchen sink, we recommend using a sanitary silicone containing a fungicide, such as our S3 Sanitary Silicone or Xtreme Always Silicone, formulated to retard mould growth for up to 10 years! A simple re-seal will bring your sinks and work tops back to life, you could even change the colour and transform the set up.

Don't Crack Up

With the weather turning from hot blistering summer days to the sudden drop in temperature of the last month, cracks can appear in construction joints due to contraction between materials such as skirting boards, frames and architraves. This is easily rectified by a new bead of caulk, finished with a sealant applicator tool to give you a smooth, neat finish. Our Dec-Mate and Caulk-Mate products are perfect for the job along with our new No Crack Caulk which does exactly what it says - it doesn't crack!

Filling In Time

Now would be a great time to get around to the decorating you have been putting off. Fancy a new colour in the living room or kitchen? A lick of paint can transform a tired looking room in an instant. Supplying a range of decorating sundries we can offer you the full kit from dust sheets and floor protectors, to brush cleaners and fillers to repair all those holes and cracks to give you the perfect painting surface. From ready mixed to powder based surface fillers, wallpaper paste, wood fillers we have the full kit and caboodle to make your jobs quick and easy.

Shiny Happy People

Fed up of dirty PVCu frames and streaky windows from the constant rain we have had? Get yourself some of our powerful cleaners to give you sparkling exteriors. Give the house a face lift using our solvent-based and cream-based PVCu Cleaners to clean away ingrained dirt and weathering from framework and our non-smear Glass Cleaner is just the job to get your windows gleaming inside and out now all the Xmas decs have come down! Powerful cleaning agent that removes dirt and grime and leaves an astonishing streak-free shine!

Fancy A Night On The Tiles

With post Xmas sales on us what a great time to re-do the bathroom. Whether you want a full re-fit or just a change of the old tiles we can help. With a full range of cement based and ready mixed tiling products, as well as Tile Backer Boards, all CE approved, we can solve any tiling application. If you also fancied installing the outdoor pool you always dreamed of we can also supply adhesives and grouts for the job! Finish off your installation with a choice of high quality sanitary grade silicones such as S3 or The One to ensure the job is sealed with approval.

Draft Exclusions

From extractor holes to simple dog flaps and letter boxes, gaps around your external wall fittings and inlets can become a wind tunnel for biting chilly drafts. Use one of our PU Expanding Foams around any gaps or cracks to create an air-tight seal. Keep the drafts at bay and improve your heating bills! Offered in hand held and gun grade varieties you can choose which method you prefer, or use our Mega Foam product which is formulated with a special adapter to do both!!

Wood Rot - Wood Not!

With the damp weather upon us and the onset of frosty mornings, our wooden fixtures around the garden are set to take a pounding. Before we get a real cold snap make the most of a dry day at home and protect whats wood! Under our Woodguard range we have Coloured Wood Preservers for fences, sheds, pergolas, etc. 3 in 1 Wood Treatments to protect against infestation of wood critters and Decking products for cleaning and restoring decks that are looking a tad weathered. All our Wood Products are deep penetrating and very durable, protecting the wood surfaces against UV rays, rain and snow whilst enhancing the natural grain of the wood it’s applied to.

Oh No We've Got A Leak!

Don't panic if you suddenly find the roof has started to leak. In a time of biblical down pours its not surprising that tired and old roofs are starting to feel the strain. Luckily for you though we have our innovative Seal It One Coat Roof Membrane that will save you an expensive re-roof. Check out the video to see how easily it is applied, a one coat application that will leave your roof rejuvenated and sound for 25 years, and it can even be applied in the rain!

Business As Usual.

Bond It are here to help in these troubling and unprecedented times and we will be fully operational throughout the January lockdown with strict Covid 19 measures in place to keep all our staff and customers safe. Please pick up the phone and contact our sales team if you have any questions about your orders or our procedures, give us a call 01422 315300.

Lets build relations whilst building our homes. Download our brochure for the full Bond It portfolio - we are bigger than you think.

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