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Management Update

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Please welcome Dean Morgan, our new Managing Director.

Originally from a small village in the Upper Swansea Valley in South Wales, Dean used to help out at his Dad’s workplace (Canadian owned) doing summer work where his interest in Manufacturing was kindled. From then onwards Dean's career history has been very varied but more importantly very interesting: a Chemist by trade, Dean began working in the South East of England in the world of pharmaceuticals for Wellcome (before the take- over by Glaxo) being involved with the manufacturing development of drugs such as Zovirax and AZT back in the 80's.

Moving to Yorkshire to follow a career path as Operations Director with Croda Colours, he managed their sites in Brighouse and Milnsbridge for 9 years, by which time he had worked his way up to MD of the Company. Predominantly involved with pigments and dyes, Dean implemented many systems into the manufacturing process to streamline and improve the business model.

He was then headhunted by Metacol in the plastics industry, as Managing Director. Their primary function being to colour plastics so his skills attained with Croda were very transferable to this new role.

For the last 17 years Dean decided that he wanted to run his own manufacturing consulting business whereby he could use all the skills he had gained over the years to help other businesses review their practices and enhance and improve the mechanisms they had in place. His skill set includes trouble shooting, product development, management information and quality systems and driving improved financial performance.

Bond It was, back in 2009, one of these Companies. We have a long-established relationship with Dean as he was instrumental in guiding us through the implementation of ISO 9001, 14001 and the recent 45001 systems and has worked with us for 12 years as a consultant on manufacturing processes and health and safety issues.

A keen traveller, Dean has visited a plethora of Countries all over the World including Japan, India, China & USA, both for work and pleasure; and sited his firm favourites as Corsica, Boston and Quebec. In his spare time he was an avid Rugby Union player until knee injuries and Father-time forced a playing retirement! He follows most sports, football and cricket in particular, enjoys to cook, is into wine tasting and an avid cinema & theatre-goer.

He brings with him over 40 years of manufacturing experience and a zest for expanding the existing structure of Bond It via investment in people, plant and acquisitions. His vision is one of growth, opportunities and reputation. Dean has seen the Company grow over the last 12 years with 4 times the amount of skilled staff that it had from his first visits back in 2009. He understands the need for experienced, motivated staff to operate the wheels of a busy manufacturing facility and with his knowledge gained from working with high turnover blue chip companies has rolled up his sleeves and jumped straight in - in his words he loves a challenge!

We wish Dean every success in his new role and look forward to following his road plan to success.

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