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A Grand Day Out

Updated: May 13, 2022

As we enter our 20th year of manufacturing products for the building industry, we can reflect upon the many changes we have seen across two decades, but one factor seems not to have altered quite so much.

Since its creation back in 2002, Bond It has seen a relative low turnover in staff. So much so that there is now a substantial core of employees who have been with the company for over a decade and who know the business inside out. The Company’s culture and it’s commitment to evolving and improving processes and systems has always been a matter of priority for the management team and making staff feel valued so that we all work with a common goal has attracted employees’ friends and relations and ultimately produced a very “family” orientated workforce.

This obviously bucks the modern employment trend where working for one company for a long period of time is almost unheard of, and Bond It has reaped the benefit of retaining key staff with experience and knowledge and who strive not only to move the Company forward but also to look after each other along the way.

The key to encouraging loyalty amongst staff has been a friendly working environment. The very fact that we have such a loyal workforce with so many combined years of service between them is precisely the reason we are able to drive forward so successfully. Add to this that the majority of staff are local to the area and you can factor in a bonus feature of shorter travelling distances which help to impact positively on the environment and carbon footprint reduction.

Staff commitment and loyalty should rightly be encouraged and so on Thursday 24th March Bond It organised a long service presentation day for employees achieving 10, 15 and 20 years’ service. Receiving 20 year service awards were our Marketing Manager Kirstie Cooper, Regional Sales Manager Darren Teather and Operations Assistant Steve Smith. Receiving awards for over 15 years service were Glenn Foster, Steve Ambler, Karen Bird, Julie Sutcliffe, Richard Brook, Joe Gibson and Corinne Tetley, who between them have clocked up an impressive 115 years. And for 10 years and over, accumulating 143 years between them were Company Buyer June Kairo, National Sales Manager Karl Radders, David Ireland, Jo Wilkinson, Joe Crossland, Marcus Hudson, Julie Moore, Danny Kemp, Jack Collins, Ian Miller, John Kairo and Craig Shields. Congratulations to all.

To mark the occasion in style, Bond It engaged the services for the afternoon of The Wood Fired Pizza Company, who kept the workforce happy with a steady flow of pizzas and brownies. It was fantastic to see everyone out in the sunshine enjoying great food, mingling and chatting with colleagues and generally being happy at work.

As an added attraction, and making the perfect introduction for their sponsorship recipients for 2022, Bond It were also joined by the MPH Touring Car Racing team who brought the new, fully liveried Bond It Audi RS3 LMS track car for staff to get up close and personal with as well as being able to meet and chat with the driver: Brad Hutchison. MPH Racing spent the whole day at Bond It’s Head Office in Elland, were generous with their time and very well appreciated by all, creating a genuine buzz of excitement about the upcoming racing season.

The day was a roaring success and Bond it thank all staff for their continued support and commitment to ensuring that the Company performs to its best at all times and a little genuine appreciation from the Management goes a long way in boosting staff morale. That’s surely a win-win scenario and Bond It say they will repeat days like this one as the year progresses.

After all, you’re only 20 once!

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