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MGF Ultra Yield...Less is more

Brand New, MGF Ultra Yield is a single-component, gun grade polyurethane assembly foam, based on a moisture curing prepolymer. It bonds, fills, seals and insulates most construction materials, and has a reaction to fire rating of class B3 (DIN4102:1).

MGF Ultra Yield will provide 50% more foam from a single can, giving you a huge 55 Litres, so you can do more work with one canister, with less waste and fewer cans used. It is suitable for use in temperatures up to +40°C and has a low curing pressure and a high tensile strength.

The foam adheres to wood, concrete, block, stone, plaster, metal, PVC and polystyrene. It does not shrink after curing, keeping the risk of deformation of joints and separation from the surface minimal, ideal for the installation of window and door frames and entrance door linings, sealing and connecting joints and reducing the impact of thermal bridges.

Code: BDMGF500, Colour: Buff, Size: 500ml, Box Qty: 12 Barcode: 5056437402141

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