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Please welcome our brand new Area Sales Managers.

Charlotte Stevens will be covering the East Midlands and South Yorkshire areas.

She is well versed in sales and marketing with 9 years in an I.T. sales role which she followed up with a spell in event and exhibition advertising.

She hasn’t had a conventional career path though - before taking on the life of a salesperson she was a prison officer at a high security institution. You can expect her to be well organised then and keenly focused on the job of looking after your needs and interests.

Away from work, family is Charlotte’s priority: at home there is a partner, an 8 year old daughter and a ‘big softie’ rottweiler who all need managing. When she finally gets to relax, she loves nothing more than shopping, spa weekends and holidays (who doesn’t) and she’s really looking forward to the country opening up again so she can get back to her passions. Sport-wise swimming is in her genes (her Grandad once swam the Channel) and in her youth she was in the British Elite gymnastics squad – I guess we can say she’s flexible then.

William Tennent hails from Glasgow and will be responsible for sales in Scotland. He’s been involved with the plasterboard trade for much of his working life, first as an employee with a distributor and then 9.5 years as the Area Sales Manager for a plasterboard manufacturer. As a consequence, he has a wealth of experience with merchants in the Scotland area and is pretty sure he’ll already know many of you – a match made in heaven then.

Leisure time is spent walking in the Loch Lomond area with his wife and daughter and then, when he can, getting away to the links to play a round or two of golf (“badly” he adds before anyone asks what his handicap is). He’s a season ticket holder for a certain football club but won’t say which (he’s from Glasgow, so it’s a 50/50 call) and has done great work in raising cash for charity: he ran two half marathons, raising £3.5k for Enable Scotland in the UK and The Raleigh Foundation in the US.

Charlotte and William have been up at HQ this week playing with all things sticky and getting up to speed with our vast product range but are keen to get out and visit you all in the coming weeks. Please join us in welcoming them to the Team and wishing them every success in their new roles.

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