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Mr Grumpy.

First crossing our doorstep as a contract cleaner, Brian Delaney is now Team Leader in our despatch warehouse. Known around the place as Mr Grumpy (“I don’t know why they call me that cos I’m just not!” he says) he has many more strings to his bow than just leading a team: First Aider, Fire Marshall, Banksman and Fork Lift driver being some of them.

“I love being on the Fork Lift” he says with a smile – see, he’s not grumpy – “It’s such a satisfying thing to do”. Not bad for a guy who was given a week’s trial back in 2015 when he asked if he could have a job here instead of just cleaning the offices.

Home life is a Wife and two children: a five year old Daughter and a one year old Son, and that’s entertainment enough for him. “I’m not a sporty guy and I don’t mind whatever music is playing” he says “I just like spending time with my Wife and kids, playing games with them or watching that rubbish they watch, ha ha, it’s all good stuff”.

So where does he see his career at Bond It taking him? “As high as I can get” he says, “With a nice mix of office work and hands on warehouse work, making sure the job gets done safely and on time. I like a challenge and I like a good complaining session when I’m in the mood for it”.

Steady on Brian, you’re starting to sound a bit … you know.

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