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Small But Mighty

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Rescue Tape, the Worlds No 1 silicone repair tape, now comes in super-handy 5ft rolls (2.54cm x 1.52M).

Available in a smart, eye catching counter-top display box which holds 36 rolls: 18 black and 18 clear, this is definitely a show stopper for Trade Counters.

It's the same high quality self-fusing silicone tape it's always been - just shorter, handier rolls, ideal for every Trade persons tool box.

Pressure resistant up to 8 bar, providing insulation up to 8,000 volts and withstanding temperatures up to 260 degrees celsius, it resists fuel, oil, acid, solvent, salt water, road salt and UV rays.

Because it sticks to itself to form the seal, there is no adhesive used. You can even apply it under water.

Grab a box today. Order Code: RTRSB36AS, Colour: Black and Clear, Box Qty: 36.

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