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The Globetrotter

Please join us in welcoming our new Maintenance Engineer, Imran Farooq to the team here at Bond It.

With over 17 years of experience, primarily in the dairy and beverage industries, Imran has worked in Singapore, Dubai and Pakistan as an engineer for companies like Tetra Pak, Nestlé and Lemipak, maintaining systems and machinery.

Now based in Bradford, he is married to Nadia with whom he has two young boys: Shafi (6) and Rayan (4). Relaxation is listening to classical music or watching an old horror movie, and he's also a big cricket fan so we wonder if he's seen 'Shaun of the Dead'? (although he may not think that's the best use of a cricket bat).

"At Bond It" he says "I want to expand my experience. The machines are different, it's a friendly company and I think I will do well here". Asked where he would like his career to take him he is very certain in his reply, "Management! I want to be in charge of my own department and deliver service to my own high standards".

That's music to our ears. Welcome aboard Imran.

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