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Flying The Flag For British Manufacturing

When it comes to sealants, adhesives and building chemicals, choosing products manufactured in the UK can deliver major benefits. Our Commercial Director, Phil Charles explains more.

Over the last few years, the world has seen some fairly momentous geopolitical developments. COVID-19, Brexit, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Red Sea crisis, and China’s increasingly aggressive territorial claims to Taiwan and other areas of the South China Sea. One of the key lessons these developments have taught us is about the fragility of global supply chains. Most of us will have felt their impact – whether that’s been through reduced product availability, increased ordering administrative demands or longer order lead times. Against this backdrop, it’s perhaps unsurprising that numerous UK companies making products for the DIY sector are rethinking their manufacturing strategies. The problem is, in many cases, this has become a bit like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

Shore to sure

Since Q1 2020, there has been well reported growth in ‘re-shoring’. This has seen UK headquartered businesses bringing their manufacturing operations back to Britain having previously located them offshore in countries like China or Malaysia. Similarly, there has been an increase in ‘near shoring’, where UK firms have relocated their offshore manufacturing to countries closer to home, such as Poland or Latvia. As a business, Bond It does not need to consider either of these strategies. That’s because, over the last two decades, we have made significant investments into developing our own, extensive, UK-based manufacturing infrastructure. As a result, over 80% of everything we sell is now made at our main production plant in Elland, West Yorkshire.

A manufacturer, not a re-packer

With a footprint of over 130,000 sq ft, our Elland site is equipped with state-of-the-art resources including a dedicated silicone compounding unit, automated filling and packaging machines, and a cementitious powder plant. This enables products from across our range of over 600 SKUs to be manufactured entirely on-site. This includes our silicones, tile adhesives, floor levelling compounds, PVA, wood glues, fillers, construction adhesives, and landscaping products to name but a few. This commitment to championing Best of British manufacturing ensures our DIY sector customers enjoy impressive continuity and security of supply regardless of wider global issues. It also delivers other major benefits such as improved environmental credentials. When you buy British made products, like those from Bond It, you can be confident they haven’t been shipped halfway around the world before ending up on your shelves, giving them a smaller carbon footprint.

Quality you can trust

Assured quality is another attraction. Most UK-based manufacturing operations hold accreditations, which independently verify the high standards they work to. In Bond It’s case, these certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Plus, shorter, UK-based supply chains typically provide greater transparency and traceability. In addition, higher levels of assured quality with British-made products are frequently complemented by better levels of service. As an example, when you buy from Bond It, the teams involved in developing and producing your sealants, adhesives and other building chemicals aren’t based in another country but right here in the UK, removing complications in terms of time zones and language barriers. This helps them to offer better support to both you and the DIY

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