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Seal It in Style

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Successful application of our Seal It Liquid Membrane carried out on a domestic flat roof this week.

Existing flat roof had previously been covered with 2 layers of standard roofing felt and a cover of solar reflective paint, that over 8 years, had started to deteriorate and flake off due to exposure to weather.

Seal It Primer was used to cover the existing felt to provide an adhesion barrier for the membrane to key to and then Seal It Liquid Membrane was applied using a squeegee. Membrane was applied in a one coat application at a rate of 1mm thickness.

Completed in a day and resistant to the rain fall that came down in the night - job well done!

The covering will help reduce energy costs (11.3% more efficient than solar reflective paint) whilst offering thermal properties for colder months. Seal It has a material warranty for 25 Years and will resist UV radiation, ageing and will not crack or split.

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